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Urbanscape truly gives you the best of both worlds. Our commitment to distinctive design and unparalleled aesthetic appeal gives you furniture unlike anything you’ve seen before, backed by the manufacturing quality and excellence of Wabash Valley, just like you’ve always known. As a division of Wabash Valley, Urbanscape is created with confidence by Wabash Valley’s 25-plus years of commitment to quality, reliability and durability. And just because Urbanscape’s look is high-end doesn’t mean it’s high-priced. Our line can fit almost any budget just as well as we fit into almost any landscape. You get a head-turning look without the eye-popping costs. Welcome to Urbanscape. View catalog.
Features & benefits: 
Sleek, Stylish, and Modern
21 Different Design Collections
3-year warranty on all products
Durable, Long-lasting, & Maintenance-Free

Hanna Collection

Every piece in the Hanna Collection is visually inviting—a comfortable place to rest or have a quick bite to eat. Hanna chairs and tables borrow simple lines from handsome traditional furniture, keeping the look versatile and fresh. Choose from an array of powder-coated frame finishes.

Winchester Collection

It’s the small details and subtle refinement that give the Winchester Collection its strong visual appeal. The graceful curves of the bench and chair frames are echoed in the matching tables’ cambered legs. The result is a modern-looking line that complements a wide variety of indoor/outdoor settings.

Woodridge Collection

The Woodridge Collection offers a more sculptural interpretation of traditional benches. The expressive, one-piece legs and arms draw the eye, and they’re available in a variety of finish options—either faux-wood or standard powder-coated—to further accentuate their shapes. These beautiful, soft-angled forms cradle the seat and back in a graceful curve, lending a visually playful and welcoming effect.

Yorktown Collection

The Yorktown Collection refines the look of traditional wood outdoor furniture, updating basic lines with contemporary flair. This collection is all about choices, offering you almost unlimited possibilities. It’s available in either faux-wood or standard powder-coated finishes, allowing you to custom-tailor its look to the setting. Yorktown options include three captivating straight bench designs (each available in three different lengths), an 8-foot curved bench and beautiful chairs. You can complement the seating with stylish round, square or rectangular tables, in addition to a new coffee table.

Kentland Collection

You can’t go wrong with a classic—which is why the Kentland Collection takes its styling cues from traditional wood-slat benches and tables. Whether you choose the faux-wood finish or opt for the new powder-coated horizontal slat design, the simplicity of Kentland benches and tables offers timeless appeal.