Patrick Hamilton Elementary

Patrick Hamilton Elementary


"What a great group of people you have at Miracle! We at Patrick Hamilton Elementary can’t thank you enough for helping us realize our vision of a safe and fun place for outdoor play for not only our students but our community as a whole.

Our project started with a huge need for new equipment for an elementary school with an unsafe and dilapidated playground area. We called Bill Rhodes and his team to ask what could be done and what steps we should take. He took my staff’s suggestions and input, along with the students’ needs and the site dimensions, and created plans for us to share with our PTO. After months of working to win a large, competitive grant, our project was ready to start – and what a gift you sent to us in Dan Sorenson (and Dan Jr.)! They worked with our volunteers and equipment, helping us all prep the site and assemble equipment that would have been impossible without proper supervision and experience. We achieved tasks we didn’t even know were possible! In the end, we have a wonderful piece of educational and recreational equipment for our kids that keeps them happy, healthy and safe.

Thanks, Bill and Dan, and everyone at Miracle, for helping us achieve our dream of a great playground!"

Heather Nash, principal
Patrick Hamilton Elementary
Dowagiac, Michigan

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Center Stage

Custmoized play systems for virtually any site and budget.
Miracle’s Center Stage® design offers single pedestal decks allowing kids to be in view at all times. Center Stage® playsystems can be customized for virtually any site and budget.

Kids' Choice

It's no fluke that Kids' Choice® is the most popular playsystem we've ever made.
Miracle’s Kid Choice® system is our high capacity heavy duty 5” post deck playsystem. Over seven deck styles to choose from including: octagon, hexagon, half-hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle with heights ranging from 2’ to 10’.

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