Lou E's Lookout

Lou E's Lookout

Young Loon Fans Root for the Home Team Atop These Twin Playstructures

Lou E's Lookout allows kids to hopscotch around the Midwest League map, scale the rock climbing wall or check out the view from high atop the Lookout with special binoculars! Lou E's Lookout is presented by MidMichigan Health and is located at the Dow Diamond Stadium, home of the Great Lakes Loons.

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Kids' Choice

It's no fluke that Kids' Choice® is the most popular playsystem we've ever made.
Miracle’s Kid Choice® system is our high capacity heavy duty 5” post deck playsystem. Over seven deck styles to choose from including: octagon, hexagon, half-hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle with heights ranging from 2’ to 10’.

Mega Tower

Miracle's exclusive triple-deck system that'll provide safe fun for kids of all ages!
Miracle's exclusive Mega Tower® stands over 25’ tall and includes either a triple-deck system (2’, 8’, 14') or a double-deck system with 4’ & 10’ or 2’ & 8' decks. The triple-deck system has 216 square feet of play deck space which is equivalent to 13 standard square decks.

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