Blair Township Park

Blair Township Park


The 2-5 Tot's Choice play structure was installed by volunteers with MOM supervision in 2006. The safety surface is poured-in-place by Sof' Surfaces. The 2006 project also included arch swings and stand-alone equipment. The 5-12 ramp accessible Kid's Choice structure was funded in part with an Able to Play grant from the Kellogg Foundation. This structure was installed by volunteers with MOM supervision in 2007. The safety surface is Sof' Surfaces rubber tiles installed by volunteers.

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Kids' Choice

It's no fluke that Kids' Choice® is the most popular playsystem we've ever made.
Miracle’s Kid Choice® system is our high capacity heavy duty 5” post deck playsystem. Over seven deck styles to choose from including: octagon, hexagon, half-hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle with heights ranging from 2’ to 10’.

Tots' Choice

It may be smaller in stature, but Tots' Choice® includes the same high-quality materials and most of the components available in Miracle's larger playsystems.
Miracle’s enhanced Tots' Choice® playsystems are exclusively geared to smaller hands and feet, smaller strides and smaller reaches!

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