Park architecture. Outdoor space redefined.
Just as each site is distinctive, there are no ‘stock’ buildings at Poligon. Each building is made one-at-a-time to customer requirements. Customers select shapes, colors, ornamentation, roofing and special features. Computerized and automated manufacturing techniques speed this process up, while keeping the price down.

Poligon Steel Shelters

Superior design and attention to details. The Original Steel Shelter, with over 20 basic designs to build from.

Poligon Wood Shelters

Bringing the warmth of wood and the strength of steel together in an exciting new shelter series.

Poligon Fabric Shelters

Styles include, Sundial, Cantilevered, Gemini, Umbrella, Hip Roof, Vine Street, Arched Roof, Amphitheater, Sail, Bleacher Cover, Fabric Tree, Dome, Ribbon, Double Tree, Scorpio, Cygnus, and Hexagon.