Playground equipment & outdoor play structures.

When looking for Playground Equipment, start by checking out Miracle’s Play Systems, with several basic models to choose from you can select a playground that fits your budget and space requirements.

Miracle’s endless dedication to improvement and innovation makes our structures some of the most exciting in the industry, especially our Mega Tower® play system that provides three levels with over 24 play activities. Kids Choice®, one of our most popular systems, allows for endless configurations and modular versatility.

Features & benefits: 
Anti-Microbial paint prevents the growth of bacteria & Mold
Versalok® Clamp System - a Miracle Exclusive
Spiral Slides up tp 12'
Gator Grip® for gripping comfort
MiracleTech Security Products
Custom playgrounds at no extra cost
Industries widest range of decks, climbers, and slides
17 standard powder coat paint colors
Adventure Playgrounds. Come Outside and Play!

Rocks & Ropes Adventure Playgrounds combine the thrill of roaming across wooded hills, over creeks, and through caves with the physical, social, and safety benefits of the modern playground.

The combination of large boulders, rope bridges, and hop rocks allows for a new type of playground. Unlike post and deck systems, Adventure Playgrounds offer opportunities for children to connect with nature, encouraging exploration and group play in a free and natural environment.

Exploration, challenge and the sense of adventure combined with affordability, low maintenance, and ease of installation are what make Rocks & Ropes the perfect solution for your next project.

Mega Tower

Miracle's exclusive triple-deck system that'll provide safe fun for kids of all ages!
Miracle's exclusive Mega Tower® stands over 25’ tall and includes either a triple-deck system (2’, 8’, 14') or a double-deck system with 4’ & 10’ or 2’ & 8' decks. The triple-deck system has 216 square feet of play deck space which is equivalent to 13 standard square decks.


Includes: Billygoat, Stump Rock, Two Rope Bridge, Angle Log, and Hop Rocks.


Includes: Ant Rock, Stump Rock, Two Rope Bridge, Lizard and Angle Rock, and Hop Rocks.


Includes: Lookout Rock, Stump Rock, Any Two Rope Combination, Lizard and Angle Log, Iguana Rock, Hop Rocks.


Challenges for Small Explorers
A complete range of play equipment with modular dimensions and heights adapted for children 2–5 years old. The first five years are the busiest of a child’s life. Most start walking at the age of one, and by two their motor skills are developing at a rapid rate. Four-year olds are fully occupied testing their limits, while five year olds are socially curious. This is also when coordination develops to a whole new level. HAGS UniMini is a complete play system that takes account of all the development phases of the child and meets their needs during the entire preschool period. It is a highly-varied system with lots of combination options.
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