Kid Connection, Kennedy Park

Kid Connection, Kennedy Park


The featured products are Miracle’s Kids’ Choice, assorted Freestanding Activities and TerraSoft Pour-In-Place rubber safety surfacing by Spectra Contract Flooring. Kid Connection was built through a partnership between the Shelbyville Parks & Recreation Department and the Blue River Community Foundation as part of the Kellogg Foundation's Access to Recreation Initiative. The playground incorporates universal design features that provide recreational opportunities for everyone, no matter what their abilities may be. A wide paved sidewalk leads from the paved parking area to the shelter house, restrooms and playground. The playground surface is cushioned, firm and smooth. A child or adult using a wheelchair or other assistive device can reach every area of the playground without the need to leave his/her assistive device. The play equipment includes a variety of play pieces designed to encourage children of all abilities to play side-by-side.

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Kids' Choice

It's no fluke that Kids' Choice® is the most popular playsystem we've ever made.
Miracle’s Kid Choice® system is our high capacity heavy duty 5” post deck playsystem. Over seven deck styles to choose from including: octagon, hexagon, half-hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle with heights ranging from 2’ to 10’.

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