Arcadia Creek Festival Place

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Kids' Choice

It's no fluke that Kids' Choice® is the most popular playsystem we've ever made.
Miracle’s Kid Choice® system is our high capacity heavy duty 5” post deck playsystem. Over seven deck styles to choose from including: octagon, hexagon, half-hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, rectangle, square, and triangle with heights ranging from 2’ to 10’.


HAGS Solo is the result of our most inspired moments: independent products that fulfill their function alone or add the finishing touches to a play area. This range includes: nursery play equipment, swings, spring toys, see-saws and games, balancing equipment, climbing walls and climbing nets. HAGS Solo allows you to design a personal play area with unique character. With the most attractive individual items – from colorful play for little children to theme games for older children – you are building a new community.

Product Inquiries

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